• International Journal of Ecma Science

    The journal focuses on economics and management issues. The main subjects for economics cover national macroeconomic issues, international economic issues, interactions of national and regional economies, microeconomics and macroeconomics policies. The journal also considers thought-leading substantive research in the finance discipline. The main subjects for management include management decisions, Small Medium Enterprises (SME) practices, corporate social policies, digital marketing strategies, and strategic management

  • DINAMIKA: Jurnal Manajemen Akuntansi, Bisnis dan Kewirausahaan

    Jurnal DINAMIKA is intended to be the journal for publishing articles reporting the results of research on economics. Jurnal DINAMIKA invites manuscripts in the various topics include, but not limited to, functional areas of Business studies, ethics; Education issues, entrepreneurship, electronic markets; Services, strategic alliances; Microeconomics; Behavioural and health economics; Government regulation, taxation, law issues; Macroeconomics; Financial markets, investment theories, banking; International economics, FDI; Economic development, system dynamics; Environmental studies, urban issues, emerging markets; Empirical studies, quantitative/experimental methods